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Question: Talk about the Ethical Responsibilities Of The Stakeholders. Answer: Examination of the Commonwealth Bank Stakeholders The basic genuine commitments of administrators are to act in consistence with set up objectives of the Bank considering a sound worry for the bank. Besides, the commitments are owed to the bank generally and not the financial specialists at a given purpose of time. In spite of the fact that the gigantic duty of overseeing the bank all in all is blessed upon the executives, they get different motivating forces particularly as cash. The most conspicuous assignment of investors is to give the subsidizing. Outfitting data is additionally a significant obligation of the investors (Bebchuk, Cohen and Wang 2014). Investors of the Commonwealth Bank have the ability to affect the companys choices to a limited degree. Investors can expect an all out return of about 104.8% toward the finish of 5 years (, 2018). Aside from this, extraordinary limits and rewards are additionally given to the investors. Investors thusly hope to be treated with significance while significant choices are made. Clients are the essential wellspring of pay for the bank. Banks put away the cash kept by the clients and increase colossal benefits from it. Clients expect a safe and bother free testimony and exchange of their funds. As indicated by the Shareholder Review of 2016 of the bank, stores made by the clients spoke to 66% of the all out gathering subsidizing (, 2018). As in some other profession, bank representatives direct and lead all the connections with clients. Their energetic endeavors guarantee the profitability of the bank on the loose. Workers get rewards and uncommon advantages consequently. The calling of banking is viewed as truly good when all is said in done. Bank chiefs and the supervisory groups are the guards of cash related robustness, which is a champion among the most significant open product. Bank supervisory crews need to ensure that the bank methodology as considered and executed by organization has an appropriate practical profile. That budgetary data correctly depicts the bank's state when all is said in done and in this manner mindful measures are expected to guarantee speculators' money and financial specialists' advantages security (Boubaker, Mansali and Rjiba 2014). To put it plainly, the executives play out their exercises without securing outlandish dangers. As per the regularizing model, managers or chiefs need to guarantee that pointless and rash dangers are not taken by the bank (Parente et al. 2016). Building up an all around examined strategy can lessen these dangers fundamentally. It is the obligation of the chief to ensure that all the representatives and laborers hold fast to those standards and guidelines (Agn, D ellmuth and Tallberg 2015). In any case, presenting a strategy that fairly confines the activities of representatives and laborers can be trying on occasion. Hence it should be in compatibility with the bank's belief systems and ought to be of the eventual benefits of the considerable number of representatives also (Bukair and Rahman 2015). All things considered, chiefs need to keep up a specific degree of independency while building these approaches. Any predisposition or prejudice won't go on without serious consequences with respect to the executive as the chief of the bank is generally considered responsible for any significant issues that the bank faces. Representatives are considered as the appendages of any working associations. From everyday association with the clients to ensuring all the exchanges are finished safely and on schedule, each obligation is conveyed among workers at various levels (Ferdous and Moniruzzaman 2015). Along these lines, it is basic that they work with responsibility and steadiness. Bank laborers, in any case called bank representatives, are accountable for by far most of the standard activities at cash related foundations. They should screen all the money that experiences a bank. This is no basic task, as a bank of this size has various trades every day. The normal arrangement of obligations of a bank worker reveals what bank representatives do to screen every penny (Sharif and Rashid 2014). As indicated by the Lawrence Kohlberg's various phases of good advancement model, the pre customary level proposes that compliance and personal responsibility ought to be consolidated in the workers (Mallin, Farag and Ow-Yong 2014). Representatives ought to have the inclination to stay away from disciplines or punishments at any expense. This desire can be upgraded essentially if the work close by can be seen from a point of view of personal circumstance. Working more diligently for advantages or motivating forces will just hoist the general nature of the work. Shows are the second degree of Kohlbergs speculation (Thoma, Bebeau and Narvaez 2016). Working by the normal practices and keeping up a decent character ought to be the fundamental focal point of the representatives. A few laws and arrangements are likewise been actualized and created in banks to keep up any such strategies. The partner hypothesis alludes to the administration systems of an association that involves business morals, ethics and qualities (Hung 2015). As indicated by the model, a bank has fundamentally two kinds of partners, viz. Inward Stakeholders and External Stakeholders. Inside partners are the different workers related with the bank, the administrators and the proprietors of the bank (Hrisch, Freeman and Schaltegger 2014). While, society, investors, clients and the providers are the cases of outer partners. This hypothesis is worried about giving the most extreme incentive to the partners, particularly investors. Since a bank depends vigorously on the investors, both monetarily and authoritatively, it is the obligation of the investors to empower a consistent flourishing of the bank. Investors, who have been related with the bank for long and have huge information about the bank's usefulness, can give direction to the governing body. On the off chance that the coordinating board sett les on accomplishing something untrustworthy, the investors can sell the offers and thus cause the bank to bring about immense money related misfortunes. Proposals (Memorandum) dd/mm/yyyy MEMOANDUM TO: The Board of Directors, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia FROM: - name- SUBJECT: Restoring validity of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The three zones that ought to be respected more significant than the rest are the activity of the board, usefulness of the administration and the absorption of a better than average human asset division. Rests four part model is named after its designer, James Rest (1983). It portrays the four capacities. Moral affectability focuses on the ability to recognize the conditions that are moral and those which are most certainly not. Moral judgment obliges the individual of worry to break down the circumstance and make proper move. Moral motivation incorporates prioritization of moral rationalities. At last, moral activities are intended to be assumed the premise of good abilities that are required. The fundamental reason for the governing body is to ensure that the organization succeeds overall (Jizi et al. 2014). Aside from all the expert issues, the board individuals face different issues in regards to corporate administration. It is of principal significance that the board individuals routinely meet and talk about the various arrangements and standards. Individuals are endowed with overseeing the bank the correct way. As of late, the bank has been engaged with different disrespecting acts and issues that even caused the CEO to leave. In this manner a general change is required, beginning at the highest point of the organization. Confused administration adds to precariousness of the organization fundamentally. Without a decent supervisory group to actualize the methodologies and arrangements characterized by the top managerial staff, no association can work precisely. A fit supervisory crew will manage the bank to an increasingly gainful and beneficial way (Campiglio 2016). With presentation of methodical strategies that guarantees productivity of the bank and the aptitudes to work significantly under inadequate initiative of board individuals, a decent supervisory crew can take the bank far. A very much organized human asset improvement division can furnish the manage an account with dependability and genuineness. From selecting gifted and genuine workers to keeping up a protected and fair condition in the workplace, HR division guarantees that a specific degree of respect is kept up through the progressive system of authorities. It is obvious from the reports in the ongoing occasions that there is an absence of appropriate and moral initiative in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Along these lines, an adjustment in the authority would cast a general change over the bank for good. A bank of such high prominence will consistently be under the radar of media and other inspective associations. Such a defilement or deceitfulness will be uncovered at some point or another. On numerous occasions the bank has been engaged with debates. Regardless of existing standards and strategies of the bank, representatives at various levels have been associated with defilement. An inflexible leading group of individuals with moral mentality will verify that debasement isn't endured inside the bank. A supervisory crew with solid morals assists with keeping up a standard nature of work. Distinctive moral projects and standards feature the necessary qualities while ensuring that the associations philosophies are in arrangement with these qualities. A legitimate supervisory crew devotes itself to the advancement of the banks open picture. Examining each arrangement from a moral perspective prompts a moral situation generally speaking. Obviously, with regards to late embarrassments, the bank needs it like never before. It is smarter to contribute more on guaranteeing a defilement free organization than to confront a suit charge. Attentiveness with respect to business ethics is essential in the midst of times of chief change and is of most extreme significance in times a lot of like those stood up to now by associations, both magnanimous or for advantage. In the midst of times of

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658 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

658 - Essay Example e principle motivation behind why there is a trouble in the United States instructive change is on the grounds that the changes have bombed in changing the states of learning and educating for the instructors and understudies (Elmore, 2004). He includes that the disappointment has been brought about by absence of foundation of responsibility structures, absence of help for instructors in dissecting their practices and absence of persistent learning across and inside schools. The part is pertinent to the region jobs in supporting and driving changes in the framework wide training. Elmore specifies a few times that most training changes neglect to get their showing instructional center. He shows that the enactment of â€Å"No Child Left Behind† welcomes more weight on change, however doesn't bring center that would be fundamental for study hall changes. He likewise has a convincing contention viewing interior responsibility as a center factor that advances outside responsibility (Elmore, 2004). In this way, it implies that for the event of inside responsibility, there must be fundamental limits, for example, the focal point of remaining task at hand unpredictability, school changes, network and parent connections lastly understudy and school

How Harmful Secrecy Can Be Essay

To discuss keeping mysteries or how hurtful mystery can be,we should initially comprehend what serecy is.what sort of privileged insights encompass us,and since when it all started?Secrets were brought into the world with the human being.They simply follow a cycle since our reality on the plante.The issue is that do we truly require secrets?Are they essential to us?If we follow the correct way there is no requirement for insider facts however commonly we don’t,we can likewise commit colossal errors that we better think not to show.So we stow away them,and concealing them we make a mystery. In the 21st century,in this HI-TEC society we scarcely can keep anything private.It all beginnings with the online protection which in truth doesn not exist.Someone,we don’t know who,may be checking us each and every moment. They just gt access in our private stuff.It is extremely awkward to imagine that somebody can be perusing what you’ve composed. A performer makes a stunt and he initially demonstrates it to his wife.She gets stunned by the stunt and demands to know the manner in which he does it.After he discloses to her she says:†Once you know it’s in reality very obvious†.These are called proficient stunts which can’t be shown.Because uncovering these privileged insights you simply evaporate the enchantment of what you do,making it something customary. There are likewise government mysteries which are completely the most significant of all.Most of them have to do with the national security and some of them are too terrible to even think about being said. Possibly a few insider facts aren’t uncovered to maintain a strategic distance from panic.But don’t we have the right to know it all in majority rule government?If we can’t oversee these secrets,who are the enilightened individuals whom every one of these privileged insights are accepted? It’s clear that not all the individuals of a country,even they’re aqual to each other,aren’t fit for regulating these unsafe secrets.Some things are only appalling to be public,the wikileaks case for instance. Was it important that the whole world knew what American Government truly thought about other national administers? Honestlyi figure national insider facts ought to be kept in light of the fact that they contain significant data that might be hurtful in the event that it reveals.In these cases obliviousness is favor. Have you ever however there are a few privileged insights we just don’t need to know or we don’t need to accept.after something extraordinary,we eill be searching for the secret.But obviously we eon’t discover it as a result of course;we’ll not be truly looking.We don’t truly need to work it out.We need to be tricked.

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Explore Dickens presentation of education in Hard Times Essay

Dickens’ presents The Victorian instruction framework in ‘Hard Times’ in an in a general sense negative way, Dickens’ communicates the possibility that having an inventive viewpoint to our training is fundamental. He does this through ridiculing the instruction framework and taunting the characters. All through the novel, it is a reason for Dickens being sarcastic towards the instruction framework. Dickens opens the novel with a humorous portrayal of Thomas Gradgrind and his utilitarian instructive strategies as he trains the room loaded with understudies â€Å"Facts alone are needed in life† (9) Dickens parodies Gradgrind’s pledge to training involved uniquely of realities as Gradgrind overstates that realities are the main basic thing throughout everyday life. â€Å"Fancy† (14) represents creative mind and miracle contrasted with realities. Dickens underscore â€Å"Fact† more than he does with â€Å"Fancy† he does this by rehashing â€Å"fact† itself, sounds progressively compelling. Gradgrind’s see on instruction is his youngsters are to never envision or miracle. Gradgrind rejects the idea of â€Å"fancy† or creative mind; ‘fancy’ has nothing to add to seeing; just things that can be estimated are significant. Gradgrind’s opposing tirade on extravagant â€Å"You don’t stroll upon blossoms in fact† (14) to the understudies underlines that extravagant is awful and it ought to be â€Å"facts!† (14) In his mocking portrayal of Gradgrind, Dickens’ point is of what he encountered in the mechanical England during his time when training changed endlessly, as indicated by area, sexual orientation, and class, implying that Dickens see on Utilitarianism is appeared in a sarcastic manner, and his convictions stood apart all through the novel, this demonstrates how the instruction framework was controlled. Dickens utilizes characters’ names to proceed with his parody of the utilitarian instruction framework pervasive in Victorian Britain. Mr Gradgrind breaks into the word â€Å"Grind† as a way to pulverize, implying his technique for crushing down the students’ uniqueness and any creative mind they may have entered the school with. Mr M’Choakumchild, breaks into â€Å"me, gag, child† Dickens’ misrepresents with the name as we don’t might suspect the new instructor is actually stifling the kids in his consideration, that this Fact-fixated animal will just gag creative mind and emotions out of them. â€Å"If he had just taken in somewhat less, how vastly should be he may have shown much more!† (15) This features the utilitarianism framework would work much better, on the off chance that it were not all that hung on realities. On the off chance that Mr. M’Choakumchild had learnt less and been for all intents and purposes assoc iated with his understudies more and would have instructed much better. This is scrutinizing the manner in which the framework works. Dickens is recommending that in the utilitarianism framework, proposing that smashing realities into understudies probably won't be the best method of educating them. Not all things can be decreased to realities alone. Mr Gradgrind and Mr Bounderby are the principle portrayals of utilitarianism and adherents of the framework. In Louisa’s proposed union with Bounderby, Dickens shows us a tragic result of Gradgrind’s framework that denied everything except for realities. â€Å"You have been acclimated with think about each other inquiry, essentially as one of unmistakable Fact† (97) This delineates Gradgrind, who is unequipped for communicating his feelings viably toward Louisa, edges her into a marriage with Bounderby by expressing different realities and insights to her. Louisa is reluctant to convey her sentiments towards him â€Å"she returned, with no obvious emotion† (96) David Lodge’s ‘How Successful Was Hard Times?’ (1981) contends that Gradgrind’s philosophy in his framework is faulty, Lodge clarifies that it is a â€Å"primary record of what's up with his system† Mr Bounderby is likewise a character with utilitarian convictions, certainly one of the significant characters that has a firm faith in the framework, â€Å"you may constrain him to swallow bubbling fat, however you will never stifle drive him to smother the realities of his life† (23) He implies the very pith of his merciless rules that just has space for realities and insights. ‘Hard Times’ diagrams that an utilitarian way to deal with life is ineffective and costs the individuals who follow their minds become mechanical and lacking to the framework. Creative mind and heart is found in the bazaar where Mr Bounderby and Mr Gradgrind scorn â€Å"No youngsters have carnival masters†¦ or go to carnival addresses about circuses† (23) Gradgrind infers that bazaars dislike a handy schoolroom. Dickens speaks to Sissy Jupe as a powerful character of the novel who presents the estimation of a warm heart and typifies sentiments and feelings. She is viewed as a total disappointment of Gradgrind’s framework. Anyway Dickens and the peruser judge her as a triumph. The youthful honest young lady derided by the instructor and introduced as the â€Å"dumb† young lady in the beginning of the novel, step by step ends up being the most key character in the entire novel. Since the basic hugeness of actuality and the evacuation of extravagan t that Gradgrind’s training obliges, Sissy Jupe will never succeed. By and by, despite the training, Sissy turns into a young lady who can keep up her own standards and convictions. The differentiating portrayals of Sissy and Bitzer are appeared in their appearance. For instance Sissy is depicted as brilliant and warm â€Å"dark looked at and dim haired† (11) alluding to her as somebody who is the essence of imperativeness. Anyway Bitzer is depicted as â€Å"what little shading he ever possessed† (11) and â€Å"His cold eyes would scarcely have been eyes† (11)) Demonstrating that he is cold and aloof with no heart and all count. Dickens utilizes Bitzer to exhibit that different understudies are affected by him, demonstrating that he is a devotee of Gradgrind’s framework, while Sissy is the outsider to the framework. The Utilitarian instruction framework identifies with the modern town ‘Coketown’ which comprises of industrial facilities and â€Å"large lanes †¦ like each other †¦ individuals similarly like one another† (27) The town is connected to a â€Å"painted face of a savage† (27) that is depicted as primitive and uncultured, the kids are being denied from the â€Å"ill-smelling dye† (27) Dickens recommends the general public that the kids/laborers are living in is unsanitary â€Å"Jail† (28) showing that they have no way out from their issues. The utilitarian framework gets rid of all creative mind in the students and sets them up superbly for the life of drudgery. Dickens depicts as their parcel as ‘hands’ in Coketown’s processing plants. Instruction introduced in ‘Hard Times’ is appeared as mocking in Dickensian vision of Utilitarianism. This is on the grounds that Dickens can make a numb-skull out of the framework shrewdly. Moreover it is sure that what Dickens has introduced is comical and persuading with causing the utilitarian belief system to appear to be foolish through the novel. I discover David Lodge’s contention towards Dickens feeling as liberal and strong.

Canadian Globalization Essay

Canadian researcher Marshall McLuhan once said that the world is turning out to be increasingly more like a â€Å"global village,† every country part of an inexorably interconnected society that extends across national limits (6). In spite of the fact that he was discussing the job of new media in this change, he likewise was most likely discussing the developing financial connections that accompany globalization. Globalization is a procedure that offers both the open door for a superior world and the danger of obliterating nearby networks, territorial societies, and whole indigenous habitats. In the course of the only remaining century, globalization has become a significant issue in governmental issues, natural examinations, and financial matters, contacting each edge of earth as enterprises spread. In any case, Globalization is a wide term that doesn't really mean one single thing. It normally depicts the expanding interconnectedness of economies, political establishments, and people as the consequence of correspondence, transportation, and merchandise gave by worldwide organizations. As Justin Ervin and Zachary Smith characterize it, â€Å"Globalization would now be able to be viewed as a procedure that ‘shrinks’ the world as human association ‘thickens’† (4). The impacts of globalization are neither acceptable nor awful; there are expenses and advantages likewise with most things throughout everyday life. What is sure is that no country on earth has not yet felt the impacts of globalization. One country that has been especially associated with and influenced by globalization is Canada. Canada is a country frequently eclipsed by its monetarily predominant southern neighbor, the United States. As the world keeps on globalizing, Canada’s job in this extension is getting progressively significant, and whether it will acknowledge globalization totally or keep on opposing is a significant purpose of discussion. Canada has both grasped and dismissed globalization: a large number of its companies hold onto it as a methods for extending, yet a significant number of Canada’s individuals dread the impacts of globalization on neighborhood culture, the economy, and the earth. For Canada, globalization has brought both monetary thriving and a progression of social and ecological issues. In a location to the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Wayne G. Wouters, Clerk of the Privy board and Secretary to the Cabinet, there are five measurements to globalization. To start with, â€Å"global capital markets now ruly work 24/7† and â€Å"perturbations in one nation or division may now be felt both close and far. † Globalization has made business both brisk in time and topographically wide. Second, there are presently â€Å"global flexibly chains† where items are made and delivered all over the globe. What began as â€Å"outsourcing† dur ing the 1980s became â€Å"off-shoring† during the 1990s, and now is known as the â€Å"global gracefully chain. † Third, there is the â€Å"globalization of information,† an interconnected system of media and correspondence. Fourth, globalization raises natural concerns. Last, there is the thing that Wouters calls the â€Å"globalization of insecurity,† the possibility that what's to come is much increasingly unsure in reality as we know it where everything is associated and nothing is steady for long. These measurements feature that globalization is found in Canada as both a power for good and an issue. Since its commencement Canada has had solid connections to Europe and later to the United States. As a major aspect of the British Empire it was a significant wellspring of regular assets, for example, timber and minerals. In late decades, the Canadian oil industry has gotten progressively significant too. Canada has the third biggest oil saves on the planet after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela (Lewis and Moor). Different ventures, for example, innovation, synthetic concoctions, and assembling keep on making Canada a significant player on the planet economy. Be that as it may, what does the proceeded with development of Canadian industry and its own contribution with globalization do to its provincial societies? How is Canadian personality influenced by the spread of items and thoughts from global enterprises? By what method would canada be able to grasp globalization without relinquishing its normal and national assets? These inquiries are significant when we take a gander at the job of Canada on the worldwide stage. Above all, it must be properly recalled that the impacts of globalization on Canada are not so much valuable or altogether harming, exhibiting that globalization is both an operator of positive change and potential perils. As an European state established chiefly for exchange, you may state that Canada has consistently been worldwide. It has pulled in individuals from everywhere throughout the world . It was distinctly during the 1920s that the US at long last supplanted Britain as the â€Å"leading supplier of outside interest in Canada† (Azzi). As David Lewis and Karl Moor note, taxes and high expenses kept Canada moderately confined the extent that worldwide exchange goes until after World War II. In 1947 the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) opened up the Canadian economy by lessening taxes and burdens on imports and fares. As indicated by Azzi and furthermore to Ervin and Smith (19), this drove legitimately to the development of Canada’s universal nearness as a significant overall economy. Later activities, for example, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US in 1989 prompted increasingly monetary achievement (Azzi). This added to the way that in 2012 Canada had $481. 7 billion in sends out, the eleventh a large portion of any nation, albeit the majority of these fares are purchased by the United States. All the more as of late, Canada flourished through the 1990s and mid 2000s. At that point, following a multi year excess, Canada battled in 2008 when the world economy began to decay. In any case, Canadian banks came out of the emergency quite well. Truth be told, as per the CIA Factbook, Canadian banks â€Å"emerged from the budgetary emergencies of 2008-09 among the most grounded on the planet. Canada additionally has one of the world’s biggest economies, esteemed at $1. 5 trillion dollars yearly. An ongoing report by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, takes note of that globalization has been a for the most part positive power for Canada. He says that â€Å"hundreds of a huge number of individuals have just been lifted out of destitution, with the genuine potential for many millions more to share their predetermination. † Carney focuses to Canada’s current support in globalization as a feature of the nation’s second longest development, which he analyzes to the Roman Empire and the Industrial Revolution. Carney sees the patterns toward better development, for example, the multiplying of the Canadian work power by 2050, as signs that Canada will succeed at home and abroad. Canada stays a powerhouse on the universal stage. Stephen Azzi calls Canada â€Å"one of the most all inclusive coordinated nations on the planet. † It has a place with 14 universal associations, â€Å"second just to the US, which is an individual from 15† (Azzi). This has prompted success and expanded effect on the world stage. Globalization gives numerous advantages to Canada in general. For instance, Canada appreciates the second best quality of living in the G-8, and the eighth best quality of living by and large (CIA Factbook). Canadians appreciate access to items from around the globe, travel as often as possible, and outside exchange has expanded the general success of Canada. This is particularly valid for its organizations. Canadian partnerships are turning out to be increasingly more universal in the course of the most recent three decades, as late examinations have appeared. In one The Russell Reynolds Associates led a study to perceive how Canadian organizations were adjusting to the new worldwide economy. The outcomes appeared in the report, â€Å"A World of Experience: The Globalization of Canadian Corporate Leadership,† recommends that Canadian organizations are getting essentially progressively worldwide at both the top and base of their levels. The Reynolds study took CEOs from Canada’s 100 biggest partnerships. It at that point estimated how much global experience every one of these administrators had. As indicated by the outcomes the level of Canadian CEOs with global work experience quickly expanded somewhere in the range of 1987 and 2007. Is much all the more fascinating that an ever increasing number of Canadian CEOs are getting their global involvement with nations other than the United States and Europe. This is a certain sign that Canadian organizations are pushing ahead in light of a worldwide point of view. They are driven by administrators who comprehend that the world is interconnected now by â€Å"webs of worldwide supply† (Reynolds). From Russell Reynolds and Associates Study 1987-2007 The Reynolds Report proposed that the advantages of partaking in worldwide markets are many. Their investigation likewise shows the significance of having the option to exchange universally, since Canada is effectively attempting to turn out to be increasingly worldwide financially. It is particularly significant for Canada to look to the United States, one of the world’s most globalized economies. There has been a decent arrangement of government activity on the two sides that have additionally globalized Canada. For instance, the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was sanctioned in 1988, causing Canada’s business scene to change. New markets opened up and more exchange associations were extended than any other time in recent memory. Thereafter the entry of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the foundation of the World Trade Organization in 1995 (WTO) manufactured Canada’s job much further. As per Stephen Azzi, Canada’s job in the WTO has made it a significant piece of other huge universal money related associations, for example, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. One of the primary inquiries concerning globalization in Canada is the means by which it reinforces the country’s association with the United States. As the United States got one of the forefronters of globalization, Canada was additionally not far behind. The development of

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Internship Report on MCB Kuthery chowk Gujrat - Free Essay Example

MCB was incorporated in 1997 and was subsequently privatized by the Government of Pakistan. The Nishat Group bought the mainstream shares of the bank and so got the rights to handle the banks operations. In view of the fact that the privatization of the bank, MCB has execute different policies to make it one of the most excellent banks of Pakistan, which incorporated introducing innovative products and services and enlarge its operations by opening new twigs in Pakistan. I did my six weeks internship at MCB Kuthery chowk Gujrat, and worked in account opening department, operations department, accounts department, Remmittance, Customer Service department. A number of the work that I did in these departments incorporated collecting cheques, filling account opening forms, activity checking and stop payments and closing of accounts. Even though there were no such huge dilemmas found in the working of MCB, there were some difficulties in schooling of the workers, encouragement methods and invention improvement. Some of the suggestions contain seminars for workers, employment alternation, and groups occupation to find modern goods and erudition curriculums for workers. Lastly MCB has seen a rapid growth in its activities by introducing a range of products and services and showing its presence in the country by opening new branches and in future should keep this momentum and always strive to become the best. Chapter # 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction Chapter 1 is about introduction of report which is a part of requirement of my course BBA, degree 6 weeks internship is compulsory for students. The chapter is a concise statement of the internship organization, purpose, scope objectives and background of the study. It also includes a small introduction of organization. 1.2 Background of the study Internship program during Bachelors in Business Administration is required for all the students as per HEC requirement. It is necessary for me to complete an internship program of about 6 weeks in any service or manufacturing industry relevant to my specialization and area of interest. So, I choose the banking sector because I have interest in this sector because my study is also related with this sector. Purpose of the study The internship agenda helps me to acquire practical incident in my ground of study. Ideally, internship facilitate me to utilize my knowledge and abilities get from the classroom, determine where further competence is required, renovate the bookish information into realistic life, and become better up to date with the types of work settings in which such competence can be useful and chance to choose the best way for upcoming time. 1.4 Scope This study will assist to me about the working of Banking sector of Pakistan because the majority of our teachers during their lectures use the examples of Banks like MCB, National Bank, UBL, Bank Alfalfa and many others, Students should study about the performance of such Banks. It will help full for me in future. Objectives: I worked as an internee in MCB. The main objectives to study in MCB were to examine the finance system of the bank, to know how bank maintain the financial system of country, to appreciate the management system of the bank which consist of knowledgeable experts of the bank and to deal with the circumstances of pressure. Chapter # 2 Overview of the organization 2.1 Brief history MCB Bank Limited formerly known as Muslim Commercial Bank Limited MCB Bank is not an overnight success story. It was integrated with the Adamjee Group on July 9, 1947, under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913 as a limited company. The bank was establish with a vision to supply banking services to the public of the South Asia Subsequent to the division of the Indo-Pak subcontinent, the bank stirred to Dhaka from where it commenced production in August 1948. In 1956, the bank moved its registered workplace to Karachi, Where the cranium office is currently located. Therefore, the bank takes over a 59 years inheritance of trust of its clients and the civilians of Pakistan. 2.1.1 NATIONALIZATION: In January 1974, the Government of Pakistan state-owned MCB following the Banks Act 1974 of nationalization. MCB was neither the single bank which was publicly owned exclusively as neither it nor any other bank being merged with it due to its reliable and firm policies and its sound situation. 2.1.2 PRIVATIZATION: A gesture of trade and industry modifications swept Pakistan in the lattes introducing the need for privatization of state owned banks and organizations. This was the earliest bank to be privatized in 1991. The bank was purchased by a syndicate of Pakistani company groups led by Nishat Group.Nishat Group is one of the primary and mainly diversified trade groups in Pakistan. The group has well-built presence in the most significant production sectors of the country such as banking, cement, textile and insurance. The Chairman of the group (and also MCB) is Mian Mohammad Mansha and he has played influential position in its achievement and Government of Pakistan has conferred him with one of the most impressive national awards of the country named Sitara-e-Imtiaz. 2.2 Nature of the organization Muslim Commercial Bank is a financial institution where people can deposit their money. Muslim commercial Banks provide a system for easily transferring money from one person or business to another. By using many services that they recommend saves us an implausible amount of time and ensure us that our saving are given to a save hand. VISION: being the leading financial services provider, partnering with our customers for a more prosperous and secure future. MISSION: We are a team of committed professionals, providing innovative and efficient financial solutions to create and nurture. Long-term relationships with our customers. In doing so, we ensure that our shareholders can invest with confidence in us. MCB has developed well-built connections with its clients by considering their requirements and treating them with respect, self-respect and importance. The motivating strength behind its obligation and services is its spotlight on clients ensuring that it not only assemb les, but also go beyond their prospect. They struggle to accomplish distinction by ensuring that every split second of their time is exhausted in adding value, making clear in your mind that they do things accurate, earliest time, and every time. Through the mission of quality MCB has always taken initiatives bringing banking into a new ground, from cash to the expediency of synthetic, from local office banking to internet banking and from face to face purchaser communication to online convenience. MCB nowadays focuses on three core businesses namely Corporate, Commercial and Consumer Banking. Corporate customers include public sector companies as well as great local and international concerns. MCB is also catering to the rising middle class by providing latest asset and liability products. Muslim Commercial Bank Limited has a solid establishment of over 63 years in Pakistan, the Bank offers full day 24 hours banking convenience with a system of more than 1000 branches and the biggest ATM network in Pakistan more than 450 ATM locations in the marketplace. 2.2 Success stories and rewards during last 5 years The initial period of 2005 was very beneficial for MCB, because the bank has accomplished 4.2 billion of per tax profit, evaluated for the same time period with Rs. 2.2 billion. Profit after tax has more than doubled compared to the matching period for 2004 and go above Rs. 3 billion which was the highest profit in the history of Muslim commercial bank. This interprets into receiving Rs. 7.43 per share. Advance and deposit increased to Rs. 156 billion and Rs. 241 billion reflecting a growth of 14% and 10% respectively. In addition the banks assets extended by 16% throughout the half year ended 2005 and crossed 300 billion Rs marks. Banks capital and reserves enlarged as a result of 41% throughout the semi year, which was due to the issue of right shares and maintained earnings. Raise in equity would develop the limit of lending and would supply the opportunity for noteworthy growth of the banks balance sheet. This would also facilitate to meet the capital obligation below Bas el Accord II, which will be valuable from 2007. 2.2.1 Awards Muslim commercial bank has a wonderful list of awards during the last 5 years. In 2005, 2006 and 2008 Muslim commercial bank get award of Best Bank in Pakistan from Euromoney than in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009 mcb get the award of Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan from Asiamoney. Again in 2008 Euromoney give the award of Best Bank in Asia to mcb and after this in 2009 mcb got the Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan award from The Asset. The Asian Banker for being Pakistans best-performing financial institution gives the award of The Strongest Bank in 2010 to Muslim commercial bank. 2.3 Product/services line Mcb provides a large scale product line to their customers for achieving the international standard of banking. There are a number of products and services like MCB FULL DAY BANKING: Mcb provides full day banking services to the customers and they can enjoy the all banking facilities in every day of week even on Saturday. ONLINE: In our daily life we are easily buying the products and services online so in banking sector mcb is also provide the online bank facilities to the customer and have 315 online branches which provide 24*7 online services. MCB SPECIAL RUPEE TERM DEPOSIT: This facility provides a large range of choices to the customer that they can open more than one term deposit accounts that suite them for their current and long term needs. 365: This is a deposit account for mcb customers which offers a good profit on daily basis and also provide the capability of decisive withdrawals. MCB LOCKERS: Mcb provides the facility of lockers for the protection of cu stomers expensive and valuables. MCB REMIT EXPRESS: Customers can also enjoy the facility of international remittances capability within 24 to 72 hours. MCB ISLAMIC BANKING: Mcb provides the banking facilities according to the Islamic point of view and shariah. MCB CARDS: A restricted position of sale acquiring association facilitating recognition of all main card brands. MESTRO: This facility is giving to the MCB smart card and ATM card holders and only they can enjoy this facility. CIRRUS: This is a cash withdrawal facility which is only provided to the MCB smart card and ATM card holders. They can withdraw money at more than 900000 ATMs in the whole world. MCB MOBILE BANKING: Now you can enjoy the banking facility through your mobile phones in any time. Mcb provides the information about you account and mini statements through mobile banking. MCB VIRTUAL INTERNET BANKING: This facility allows the customers to access the banking services in any time. You can g et the services in 24 hours of a day, days a week and a year. MCB CALL CENTRE: This call centre is working for the customers problems which the face in the services they only call and get the solution of their problems, information about banking services like ATM cards and other products of MCB. MCB ATM 24-HOURS CASH: Mcb provides the largest ATM networks of the nation with more than 450 ATMs services to the customers. MCB SMART CARDS: Mcb smart card is the way to get the banking services like withdraw cash, pay utility and mobile bills and lots of more and more. CORPORATE FINANCING: MCB Corporate Financing offers right to use diversified financing alternatives which includes working capital loans as well as term loans, trade finance services and investment banking. MCB EASY BILL PAY: Mcb smart card and ATM card holders can avail this facility and easily pay their utility and mobile bills through these cards. This is a very good solution to pay the bills. MNET: It is an electronic inter-bank display place for online dealings on ATM and other isolated banking conduits. Members consist of 10 local and overseas financial foundations enjoying ATM division and Value Added Services. MCB CAR 4 U: This is a auto finance loan which is very good for those people who wants to buy a car because it is affordable for all. MCB PYARA GHAR: Mcb provide this home finance facility to the customers that they can easily purchase and construct their home and for this purpose MCB provide more than 20 million to the customer. MCB RUPEE TRAVELLERS CHEQUE: Mcb is the market leader of rupee travelers cheque. This cheque provides a safe way to transfer money from one place to another. SAVING ACCOUNT: Mcb provides a large number of saving accounts for customers to save their money for short term and give good profit on it. CURRENT ACCOUNT: A large number of current accounts are offering to the customers by mcb and also give extra facilities on that account s like online transaction, demand draft and pay order etc. Mcb offering many more products in market like salary club, project loans, investment services, sms banking etc. 2.4 PESTL Analysis There are many factors which influence the organizations performance and customers profile. It is very important to identify these factors that influence buyer and the size of market overtime, so we can improve the performance of the organization. PESTL analysis is the best way to identify these factors because it includes Political and factors Economic factors Social factors Technological factors Legal factors 2.4.1 POLITICAL FACTORS Political environment have a great influence on banking sector. Political unsteadiness within Pakistan can direct to changes in law and policies which can be in support or alongside the banking sector. 2.4.2 ECONOMIC FACTORS Economic factors like inflation, per capital income, saving trends, exchange rates, budget deficit, rate of interest and cost of living are effect the borrowing power of the general public and we know that the banking sector requires a good customer markets with good borrowing power of the customers. Pakistans economy facing all these problems that is why banking sector face many problems regarding business growth. 2.4.3 SOCIAL FACTORS Social factors are also play an important role in the banking sector because every society is made by some values and norms and cultural issues and present in every society. These issues are also prevailing in the Pakistani society but as there are a number of multinational companies worked in it so that these issues are not well-known. 2.4.4 TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS Technology is a big challenge for every business sector because the growth of economy is greatly affected by the technology changes. In Pakistan every business sector introduces new technology and increases its profit and sales that is why MCB also introduce new and innovative technologies for competition. 2.4.5 LEGAL FACTORS Legal factors are the combination of government laws and regulatory agencies that effect the organizations and individuals. These laws are mostly creating the chances of new opportunities for the organizations. Laws and regulatory agencies are made for some purpose like to protect the customers from unfair condition created by the banking sector and also play an important part in the protection of banking sector by unlawful competition. 2.5 Contribution of MCB towards economic development Muslim commercial banks play a significant part in economic growth of Pakistan. Economic development involves speculation in different sectors of economy. The banks gather money from the public and assemble saving for speculation in developed task. The investors scrounge from banks to sponsorship the projects. Support the expansion rate during the reorientation of loan strategy. Unique resources are provided to the investors for the achievement of projects. The banks offer a certification for industrialized loan from worldwide agencies. The overseas resources stream to developing countries for speculation in projects. In addition regular banking the banks complete bureau services for the consumer. The banks purchase and sale securities and build rent payments, accept payment money and gather service bills for the Government departments. Therefore these banks keep time and power of full of activity working class. Banks assemble foreign exchange for the business deal with other co untries. The capability of foreign exchange account has resulted in an augment of overseas barter assets. Through aperture a memo of recognition the banks encourage overseas deal. Banks are not merely collecting finances except for also provide like a steer to the client speculation of their money and the strategy of banks is a tool in spacious dispersion of glory in country Chapter # 3 Organizational Structure 3.1 Organizational Hierarchy Chart (Chairman) (Board of Directors) (Chief Executive / supervisor) (Senior vice Executive President) (Vice Executive President) (Senior vice President) (Vice President) (Assistant vice President) (OG-1) (OG-2)(OG-3) (Clerical Staff) (Non clerical Staff) 3.2 Number of Employees Mcb provides employment opportunities to those people who are interested in banking sector according to a source of mcb total number of employees in Pakistan is about 15000. Every branch consists of at least 13 staff member one branch manager, one customer service officer, one credit manager, one general banking officer, one cashier, one cash officer, one system administrator, two gun men and two peons. 3.3 Main Offices of MCB The head office of Muslim commercial bank is located in Karachi on Chundrigar road Mcb tower, I.I and branch office is Defence Housing Authority branch Karachi. In Punjab regional office is located in main gulberg market Lahore and branch office is in waheed palaza Lahore cantt and other one is in Garhi shahu, 86, Allama iqbal road Lahore. Another regional office is located in main Civic centre, G-6, Islamabad and another is in Peshawar. 3.4 Introduction of all Departments In all the branches of Muslim commercial bank there are 4 main departments Deposit department Cash department Credit and Advance department Foreign exchange department 3.4.1 Deposit department Bank makes transactions in money and they are simply mobilizing finances inside the financial system of the country. They lend money from one individual and give loan to another, the dissimilarity among the rate of borrowing lending shapes their spread or gross income. Consequently we can exactly shape that deposits are same like the blood of the bank which sources the dead body of an organization to get to effort and these deposits are legal responsibility of the bank so according to the banks point of view we can submit to them like liabilities. The whole deposits of MCB are rising from the time of its launch but after the period of privatization there is a pointed decline in general deposits of the bank. It is a fact that boost in deposits is also a reason of boost on total amount of accounts so the bank has progressed in equal aspects. Generally deposits can be separated on two bases, one is the period in which their finances are projected to be with the bank and second i s the rate of receiving these finances. Deposits are divided into two categories according to period of deposits Time deposits or liabilities Demand deposits or liabilities All banks have different types of deposit systems in order to encourage deposits. These systems are a combination of the above two kinds of deposits with a calculation of different services obligations like lowest amount of balance condition, form of operation, source for computation of profit, subtractions, extra advantages, eligibility for different sets of group. That is why MCB has a great diversity of deposit proposals. Some of these are as follow Current account PLS saving bank account Monthly khushali scheme Hajj mubarik scheme Khanaum bachat scheme PLS 365 saving accounts These are the different types of deposits this department also handles the account opening activities and clearing departments activities. Each banker take actions together as a paying as well as a colle cting banker, It is on the other hand an significant job of crossed cheques. A great part of this work is approved through the clearing house of bankers. Clearing house is a place where delegate of all banks of the city get together and resolve the acceptances and payment of cheques drained on each other. 3.4.2 Cash Department Cash department deals with maintenance of these books Paying cash book Token book Scroll book Receiving cash book Cash balance book While cash is received in counter of the bank, it is recorded in the Scroll Book and Receiving Cashier Book and at the end of the day; these are matched and balanced with each other. While the cheque or any other transferable tool is presented at counter of the bank for payment, it is recorded in the token book and token is issued to the client then token clerk and the teller make entries in the paying book and payment is made to payee. At the end of the working day, the Token Book and Paying Cashier Book amount are balanced. The joined figure of receipt and payment of cash is recorded in the cash balance book and drawn closing balance of cash. Opening Balance (add) Receipts (less) Payments = final / closing Balance. This is very significant section because cash is the mainly liquid asset and most of the time frauds are made in this section, consequently, additional care is taken in this section and no one is allowed to go into or depart the area liberally. Typically, cash area is grilled and its door is under management of the chief of that department. Every books maintained in this section are checked by an administrator. 3.4.3 Credit and Advance Credit and advance department approves the different type of loans for different businesses and also for customers personal use like Loans OD (overdraft) Cash credits For approving the loans form departments it is necessary to give something as collateral such as property and other types of asset. Collateral must be equal or more than the amount of loans which are given by the department. In case of giving loans every branch has a fixed limit and if the amount of loan is under the limit of the branch then it is easily approved by the bank but if the amount is greater than the limit of the branch then loan will be approved by the head office and in this situation branch collect all required documents from customer and then sent them to the head office. If head office permitted the loan then typically the period restrains a year. All this process is recorded in the bank until the customer has not refunded the amount of the loan and if he/ she will not able to pay that amo unt then bank has an authority to use the collateral for settlement of amount. The credit portfolio of this department is in very good shape rather than other financial institutions of our country and the credit goes to the good management. 3.4.4 Foreign Exchange department This department deals with all the foreign exchange affairs like payment or retirement and foreign remittances. In the payment /retirement when transactions are completed then a conformation documents sent to the main office. Foreign exchange department deals with the all foreign currency accounts, cash deposit and remittances. Every transaction which is take place in the international banking shall be carried out at rates which are settled by the state bank of Pakistan. Rates of different foreign currencies are delivered to the branches on the same day. 3.5 Comments on organizational structure Muslim commercial bank listed in stock exchange as a banking company and it follow all the laws and legislations which are imposed by concern decrees the chairman Mr. Muhammad Mansha who is also the chief executive of the bank with 1 vice chairman and a team of 10 directors to help in the making of different strategies and control of the business. Operational management of Muslim commercial bank is control by a team of 10 professionals. The chairman of Muslim commercial bank Mr. Muhammad Mansha is also the head of this team. Organizational structure of Muslim commercial bank is very good and effective and just because of this effectiveness, Muslim commercial bank has a very bright future in the field of banking. PART II Chapter # 4 Internee Work 4.1 Introduction: This chapter is the main assessment part of my report because in this part all those activities are mentioned which are performed by me during my internship in Muslim commercial bank Kutchery chowk branch Gujrat. I will try to share my all experiences and hardships of internship in this chapter. All the information regarding the branch is also given in this part of the report. 4.2 Introduction of my branch: As I mentioned that I did my 6 weeks internship in Muslim commercial bank Kutchery chowk branch Gujrat. I completed my internship with Muslim commercial bank limited Gujrat from 02- Aug- 2010 to 19- Sep- 2010. Some general information of my branch is as follow Code of the branch 1297 Name of the branch Kutchery chowk Gujrat Contact # 053-3537616 Adress of branch Kutchery chowk 4.2.1 Management of the branch: Management team of my branch is very talented and cooperative. Management consist of these members Syed Nadeem Raza Branch manager Amber Ahmad Branch operation manager Iram Nawaz Customer service officer Saira Bashir Cash officer Muhammad Riaz Cash officer Bushra Saleem General banking officer 4.2.2 Other important information: Total deposit of the branch 550 M Total number of accounts 7500 Revenue of the branch 21 M Capital of the branch set by the HO 4.3 Supervisors detail During my internship I worked in almost every department under the professional supervisors. In account opening department I worked under the supervision of Miss Iram she is an MBA and one of the most active employees of the branch. She is designated as customer service officer. I performed my first 3 weeks of internship activities under her supervision. She gave a lot of information and knowledge about the account opening activities and also gave an opportunity to do them by myself. She also guided me how to deal with the customers in those problems which are faced by them in account opening forms. In next week I worked in cash management department under the supervision of Miss Saira Bashir she is a graduate lady she is working in mcb from last 5 years. She guided me in this department that how to collect the utility bills, in the same week I also worked with the operational manager Mr. Amber who is an MBA along with 10 years experience in banking sector. In next few months I per formed my activities under the supervision of Miss Bushra who is designated as General banking Officer of the branch. She is also an MBA and deals with all the activities of clearing and remittances. Under his supervision I performed all the function related with remittances and clearing. 4.4 Weekly time table of my work During my internship I have worked in bill collection department, account opening department, remittance, clearing, general banking and customer service department. As I early mentioned that I worked in few departments and performed these activities. Time duration Department Tasks performed in the departments Week I 02.08.2010 to 06.08.2010 Account Opening Department Introduced with branch employees and got common information about branch and as per the instructions of the supervisor filled the account opening forms and verified earlier accounts documents. Week II 09.08.2010 to 13.08.2010 Account Opening Department Fill up the new account opening form of the customer, learnt stamping on account opening forms Week III 16.08.2010 to 20.08.2010 Account Opening Department I did stamping on account opening forms which is given by my supervisor and also learnt about the documents which are required for account opening. Week IV 23.08.2010 to 27.08.2010 Bill collection Department And Operation Department Work in the operation department. Collect the utility bills and observe the other activities of that department. Learnt about cheque and how to honor a cheque. Week V 30.08.2010 to 03.09.2010 Clearing Learnt about clearing procedure supposedly and practically then did this procedure under the instruction of my supervisor. Week VI 06.09.2010 to 10.09.2010 Remittances Got information of general working and about Demand draft and pay order. I also printed both many times. Week VII 14.09.2010 to 17.09.2010 Remittances Filling deposit slips and money gram, printed D.Ds and Pay Orders and During my internship period no work relative to foreign Remittances and T.T, M.T and was done in remittances department. 4.5 Description of departments During my internship I have worked in account opening department, cash management department, clearing and remittances departments. Detailed descriptions of those departments where I have worked are as follow 4.5.1 Account Opening Department This is the main department of the bank. Account opening department perform the function of opening and closing of different types of accounts in bank. People can open their accounts in bank individually as well as a firm. Educational institutions and all other types of organizations open their accounts in the bank. Muslim commercial bank offers various accounts for their customers. People can easily open their account in the bank with their own choice like current account, saving account, PLS account, BBA account and term deposit account. In my branch Miss Iram is the head of this department. She deals with all the issues regarding account opening and closing. 4.5.2 Bill Collection and Operation Department These two departments are very important because all the bills and cheques are collected in these departments. Bill collection department collect the bills on the behalf of WAPDA, Sui GAS and PTCL. Operation departments perform many function like collecting cheques, honour the cheque and cancellation of cheque. In my branch Miss Saira is the head of cash department and operation department controlled by Mr. Amber who is the operational manager of the branch. He deals in cheques collection activities. 4.5.3 Clearing Department Each banker performs both roles as paying as well as a collecting banker; on the other hand it is an important function of crossed cheques. A great portion of this work is carried out from the bankers clearing house. A place where agent of all banks of the city interacts with each other and patch ups the receipts and payment of cheques drawn by one to the other. This department is controlled by Miss Bushra who is the General Banking officer of my branch. She deals with all the ac tivities of clearing the cheques. There are 4 types of cheques in clearing Transfer cheques Transfer delivery cheques Clearing cheques Collection cheques 4.5.4 Remittance Department The requirement of remittance is normally felt in business life mostly and in everyday life common. A key function of any banking system is to provide a good facility of transferring funds from one customer or place to the other. The bank earns a lot of income in the form of service charges by providing these types of services to the customers. Local currency remittance is deal by this department like transfer of funds from one city to another without actually carrying the money. Following instruments are used by MCB for transferring money Pay order Demand draft Mail transfer Telegraphic transfer In my branch Miss Bushra (General Banking Officer) also deals in the remittance department as well as clearing department. She makes all the instruments of transferring funds lik e DD, OD, MT and TT. 4.6 Description of the activities of the departments As I already mentioned that I have worked in above four departments during my internship. These are the activities of all those departments where I have worked 4.6.1 Activities of Account Opening Department Account opening department perform all the important activities related with account opening procedure. Account opening is a bridge between a bank and a customer. In MCB account opening department perform such activities like investigation etc. By opening an account MCB as like the other banks in Pakistan determine whether or not the individual who is going to open the account is a attractive client or not. At that time MCB verify the potential customers honesty, morality, occupation and the nature of industry by the preliminary situations which are given at the moment of account opening. Carelessness in this casual beginning inquiry may result in serious outcomes not only for the banker troubled directly but also for other bankers and the common community who may be exagg erated indirectly. The Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan, vide his decision on grievance no. II/31/5186 In order to additional support and update this procedure, has directed the banks to keep a photocopy of computerized NIC with the account opening form of that person who is desiring to open an account as well as that of the introducer. As per these tracks, the concerned Branch Managers are essential to get the original NID along with their Photocopies and then after attesting the validity of the retained copy return the original card to the customer. After all these investigation account opening department opens the account of the applicant and give cash book to the customer. This investigation is necessary for opening a account just because of avoiding the fraud and other unlawful acts of the customers. 4.6.2 Activities of Bill Collection and Operations Department Bill collection department perform the activity of utility bills collection on the behalf of WAPDA, SUI GAS a nd telecommunications. This department works in the supervision of cash officer when the bills are collected than at the end of the working hours a bill collected scroll is made by the officer. Operations department deals with the most important functions of the bank. Cheques are received and honor in this department. Operation manager is the head of this department. 4.6.3 Activities of Clearing Department Clearing is a method by which banks substitute cheques and other exchangeable tools drawn on each other inside a specified district and in that way securing the payment for its customers from the clearing house. Clearing house is a general association of the banks at a set position, main purpose clearing house is equalizing the cross responsibility in the shape of cheques. When there are numerous banks in the country each will accept a number of cheques strained on other banks, deposited inside for compilation. A clearing house is an organization where these cheques are b rought and the mutual claims of each bank on the other are offset and a settlement is made by the payment of differences. The process of clearing refers to the gathering of cheques strained on other banks. These cheques may be strained on United Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, or several other bank of Pakistan. The relevant clerk assembles all cheques and enters them in the register of clearing. Then he attaches a stamp on these cheques and arranges out cheques of different banks and prepares agenda for them then these cheques are sent to clearing house. SBP has extended the tune of Clearing House. MCB will accept all the cheques strained by other banks. Lastly they replace their cheques mutuality. Muslim commercial bank ambassador will give cheques of United Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, and State Bank of Pakistan to their agents, and get the cheques strained on MCB from these agents. Further the y clear up their account. SBP agent will work out the balances and will clear up their account from their balances with SBP. The amounts of the cheques are credited in the depositor account on the second or third day and if the cheques are not revisited it is cleared that all the cheques are honored. 4.6.3 Activities of Remittance Department 4.5.1 Account Opening Department:

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Allegory Of The Cave Writing Assignment Paper - 2200 Words

Allegory Of The Cave Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample) Content: Chao ChenDr. Ramona SilverCritical Thinking11/12/2017Allegory of the CaveThe allegory of the cave as presented by Plato represents both an outer meaning as well as a symbolic one. According to Plato, the allegory is a conversation between his mentor, Socrates and one of his students. There are various things represented in the allegory which uses to explain some realities in life. First and foremost, Plato uses the allegory to distinguish people who mistake sensory knowledge with the truth. According to Plato, knowledge acquired through senses is more like an opinion which cannot be relied upon. According to him, the best way to gain knowledge is through philosophical thinking.In the allegory of the cave, there are different representations or symbolism. The cave for instance represents prisoners who are locked up and both their hands and legs tied up to an extent than they cannot function properly. They are forced to face in one direction such that the only thing the y can have a look is the stone wall in front of them. The prisoners have been in the cave since they were born and they have never seen the outside world. There is a huge fire behind the prisoners and a raised walkway in between them. In addition, people outside the cave walk along the walkway carrying different things on their heads. According to Platos theory, the cave and people in it represent people who believe that knowledge emanates from what they hear and see from the outside world. The cave implies that those who believe in empirical evidence are caught up in a cave of misunderstanding.The allegory also has a representation of the shadows. From the shadows, people are given to imagine themselves as prisoners who cannot look at anything behind or besides them. They must look at only what is in front of them. And when people walk along the walkway they can only observe the shadows of things being carried by people coming and going. These shadows according to Plato symbolize t he perceptions of people who believe that empirical evidence is the source of knowledge. That if a person believes that what they see equals the truth, then they are merely seeing shadows of truth rather than truth itself.Thirdly, there is a symbolic meaning of the game in the allegory of the cave. Plato implies that prisoners in the cave would start guessing which shadow would come first and if one of the prisoners would make a correct guess then the other prisoners would applaud and consider him as the cleverest. The game according to Plato shows how people consider others as masters if they possess empirical knowledge about the world. According to Plato, the master does not deserve any praise since he or she does not have the knowledge he or she is being praised for.In the allegory of the cave as well, there is an escape scenario. According to the allegory, one of the prisoners gets a chance to escape from the cave. On reaching the outside world, he is shocked and finds it hard t o believe if it can actually be real. Nonetheless, as he gets used to the outside world, he becomes to appreciate its reality and realizes that everything in the cave was wrong. He begins to understand that living in the cave was useless and it kept them out of touch with the outside re...